December 18: Thank You Governor Wolf for Pledging to Veto Senate Bill 3

December 8: Urgent Call to Action: Tell your State Representative to Vote NO on SB3

December 6: Read our Letter to Pennsylvania Lawmakers Outlining Why SB3 is Unconstitutional

December 5: WLP Statement: Why We Strongly Oppose Senate Bill 3

November 27: Still Shopping? Give the Gift of Equality for Women & Girls  

November 22: From Carol Tracy: Do You Know a Woman Who Has Persisted?

November 20: Pittsburgh City Council Passes Resolution Supporting Abortion Access for All

November 17: WLP Statement: Victory in Pittsburgh Buffer Zone Case

November 16: Women’s Equality Advocates Sue the Trump Administration over Equal Pay

November 15: “Birthright: A War Story” Documentary premieres in Philadelphia 11/16

November 9: Standing Up for Female Athletes & Correcting Myths About Title IX

November 8: We Filed a Brief to the Supreme Court of the United States Fighting for Women’s Economic Security

November 2: What Can Be Done About Street Harassment?

November 1: Just in: An Action Plan to Protect Contraception Access in Pennsylvania

October 19: Action Alert: Tell Your State Senator Not to Discriminate Against Trans Youth

October 18: Why Is It So Hard to Get Abortion Right in the News?

October 16: Pennsylvania Falls Further Behind While Workplace Protections for Pregnant and Nursing Women Take Effect in Connecticut and Nevada

October 11: WLP Statement on Pennsylvania Suing Donald Trump Over the New Contraception Rules

October 9: On Sexual Harassment in Hollywood, on Campuses, and in Pennsylvania

October 6: WLP Statement on Trump Administration’s Rollback of Contraception Mandate

October 4: WLP Statement on Congressman Tim Murphy

September 27: WLP’s New Website Exposes Discrimination Against Female Athletes in Pennsylvania Secondary Schools 

September 22: WLP Statement on Trump Administration’s Rollback of Protections for Sexual Assault Victims in School 

September 20: Report: PA Crisis Pregnancy Center Chain Misused State Funds

September 15: We Filed a Brief Supporting the City of Philadelphia in the Fight for Equal Pay 

September 7: WLP Statement on Betsy DeVos’s Title IX Announcement 

August 16: What is the Economic Cost of Violence Against Women?

August 8: Talking Women & Healthcare at Tuesdays with Toomey

August 3: Ottawa Police Latest to Adopt the “Philadelphia Case Review Model” for Reviewing Unfounded Rape Cases

July 18: 12 Facts About the Attacks on Reproductive Rights in Pennsylvania

July 14: July 19: Join us in Pittsburgh with Lady Parts Justice League

July 11: PA Senate Goes Backward, Passes Dangerous TANF Ban

June 29: WLP’s Amal Bass Honored as Attorney ‘Shaping Philadelphia’

June 28: Action Alert: Support Women in Recovery by Opposing SB6

June 27: WLP Speaks Out in Support of Philadelphia’s Prior Wage/Equal Pay Ordinance

June 23: Action Alert: Tell Senators Toomey & Casey You Oppose Trumpcare (BCRA)

June 14: Media Advisory: “Pennsylvania Community Conversations on Pregnancy, Parenthood, and Women’s Health” Kicks Off in Erie, PA

June 8: “I Admit, It’s a Strange Time to Accept an Award for Progress.”

June 5: Press release: Lock Haven Athletes Sue For Athletic Equity and Seek to Stop Immediate Harm to Women’s Sports

June 1: Why We Need Increased LGBTQ Protections in Pennsylvania

May 26: Calgary Police Latest to Adopt the “Philadelphia Case Review Model” for Reviewing Unfounded Rape Cases

May 22: Advocates Declare May 23 “Unequal Pay Day” in Philadelphia

May 16: Event: Carol Tracy to Receive Nancy P. Morrill Award

May 12: 130+ Pennsylvanians get “Nevertheless, She Persisted” Tattoos to support the WLP 

May 5: Notorious 9: These PA Politicians Voted Against Women, Seniors & the Disabled in PA

May 4: Carol Tracy Honored with Prestigious Sandra Day O’Connor Award

April 25: “We Go In, We Ask Questions.”

April 23: Monday AM: Carol Tracy Discusses Police Response to Sexual Assault on CBC  

April 21: PA Witholding Some Funds from “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” Amid Audit & Lawsuit

April 20: Thank You Shirley, for 22 Years of Service

April 13: Tues 4/18: Rally for Reproductive Rights in Pennsylvania

April 4: WLP’s Remarks at Today’s Equal Pay Day Rally in Harrisburg

April 3: Action Alert: Stop SB300, a PA Bill to Backdoor “Defund” Planned Parenthood

March 30: Victory: WLP Statement on Ruling that Protects Abortion Providers

March 27: Report: 102 Pennsylvanians Were Killed by Domestic Violence Last Year

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