Domestic Violence

If you are in immediate danger, call 9-1-1. You may exit this site quickly by clicking on the Safety Button at the lower right.

Scroll down information and resources to help you build a safe future for yourself and your children.  To learn more about the Women’s Law Project’s advocacy relating to domestic violence, go here.

Tech Safety

Computer use leaves a trail and can be monitored.  If this worries you, please use a safer computer (at a library or other place outside of your home). Even cell phones can be tracked. For tips on using technology safely, check out these links:

Find a Domestic Violence Hotline
Help with Teen Dating Violence
Getting a Protection Order
 Help Anywhere in the U.S. with Orders of Protection

All states have a way to get a court order for protection.  Every state uses a different name.  What can be included in this order is also different from state to state.

Help with Protection Orders in PA
Help with Protection Orders in Philadelphia
Help with Protection Orders in Allegheny County
Child Custody: Keeping You and Your Children Safe
Domestic Violence, Welfare, and Child Support
Are You Being Accused of Harming Your Abuser? 

Visit  National Clearinghouse for the Defense of Battered Women

Help if You Think You Might Be Abusive

Philadelphia resources: