Information for Advocates

At the Women’s Law Project, we advocate for proactive policies designed to improve women’s health and economic security, and against regressive policy proposals that endanger our health, safety and economic security. Please see WLP’s landmark report Through the Lens of Equality: Eliminating Sex Bias to Improve the Health of Pennsylvania Women  for detailed analysis of women’s status in Pennsylvania, including the impact of sexual violence, workplace discrimination, intimate partner violence, poverty, restrictions on access to reproductive healthcare and sex and gender bias in health insurance.

Our goal is to help provide you with the information you need for effective legislative advocacy. Feel free to download, print and share these fact sheets with advocates, media and lawmakers. If you would like to share a relevant fact sheet, or request one, contact Tara Murtha at



Proposed state legislation supported by the Women’s Law Project and the PA Campaign for Women’s Health:

WLP Fact Sheet on the Workplace Accommodations for Pregnant Workers Act (PDF)

WLP Fact Sheet on the Workplace Accommodations for Nursing Mothers Act (PDF)

WLP Fact Sheet on fixing the Pennsylvania Equal Pay Act (PDF)

WLP/RaisetheWagePA/NWLC Fact Sheet on Raising the Minimum Wage (PDF)

WLP/NP Fact Sheet on the Patient Trust Act (PDF)


Proposed state legislation we strongly oppose:

Abortion restriction: PA Senate Bill 3 (PDF)

Fake Fix for Equal Pay: PA Senate Bill 241 (PDF)

Defunding Preventative Healthcare at Planned Parenthood: PA Senate Bill 300 (PDF)

WLP’s Letter Urging Pennsylvania Senators to Oppose PA SB6


Both Federal “Repeal & Replace” Healthcare Bills Would Harm Pennsylvania Families:

Kaiser Family Foundation Fact Sheet on Medicaid in Pennsylvania 

Understanding Medicaid in Pennsylvania (HAP)

WLP-CLS Protect Women, Protect Medicaid

Helpful information for successful legislative advocacy in Pennsylvania:

Pennsylvania General Assembly 

Learn about the Pennsylvania Legislative Process (PDF)

Pennsylvania Senate Calendar * Pennsylvania House Calendar

Sign up for free email legislative update alerts from the Pennsylvania General Assembly 

Use Committee of 70’s Citizen Guide to Find your Elected Officials 

ACLU-PA’s Guide to Meeting with Your Legislator (PDF)

ACLU’s Tips on Writing to Your Elected Officials

Research Elected Official’s Votes & Positions at VoteSmart