Susan Frietsche

Sue is a Senior Staff Attorney of the WLP, and works in the Western Pennsylvania office.

Since joining the staff in 1992, she has litigated, lobbied, and organized on behalf of low-income women, domestic violence survivors, reproductive health care providers and their patients, teenage women needing confidential abortions, custodial parents owed child support, lesbian and gay parents, incarcerated women, and pregnant women excluded from substance abuse treatment.

In addition to her work at the Women’s Law Project, Ms. Frietsche is an adjunct professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law where she teaches a course called “Reproductive Law & Policy. Sue also taught a seminar on sex discrimination at the University of Pennsylvania Law School.

Ms. Frietsche is the co-author of “Preserving the Core of Roe:  Reflections on Planned Parenthood v. Casey,” published in the Yale Journal of Law & Feminism.

She is a graduate of Temple Law School and Bryn Mawr College.