Terry L Fromson

Terry’s entire legal career has been devoted to public interest law. As managing attorney, Terry is responsible for overseeing the Women’s Law Project’s (WLP) legal work.

Since joining the WLP in 1994, Terry has brought high-impact litigation and pursued significant policy initiatives at the local, state, and national levels on a wide variety of issues. Terry is currently working on addressing inequities in women’s economic status, improving the criminal justice response to sexual and domestic violence, enforcing legal obligations of educational institutions to address sex discrimination and sexual harassment, and improving Philadelphia’s institutional response to domestic and sexual violence.

Notable achievements include leading a national effort to stop insurance companies from discriminating against victims of domestic violence, participating in a collaboration to implement the Family Violence Option in Pennsylvania, and helping change Pennsylvania law to provide victims of domestic violence a safe and confidential process to change their names.

Terry is a principle author on several WLP publications relating to elimination of institutional bias, insurance discrimination against victims of domestic violence, and access to justice for pro se litigants in Philadelphia Family Court. Terry earned her law degree from NYU School of Law.