Press Releases

2017 Press Releases

January 19 – WLP’s Carol Tracy to Speak at the Women’s March on Philadelphia

2016 Press Releases

August 22 – WLP Statement on Penn State Rape Case Involving Nate Parker

August 19 – WLP Statement In Memory of John Timoney 

July 14 – WLP Managing Attorney Terry L. Fromson Elected to the American Law Institute

June 30 – Open Letter from WLP to Pennsylvania Senate Leadership Re: House Bill 1948

June 27 – U.S. Supreme Court Overturns Sham Abortion Bans

June 27 – U.S. Supreme Court to Rule on Significant Abortion Case

June 22 – WLP Statement on Pennsylvania’s Statute of Limitations on Child Sex Abuse Bill

January 19 – Invitation: #ProtecttheZonePA Twitter Town Hall 10AM on 1/20

2015 Press Releases

December 15 – WLP on the Department of Justice’s First-Ever Guidance on Gender Bias in Policing

November 20 – Carol E. Tracy Honored by the American Society of Criminology 

August 12 – Victory! Successful Resolution to Healthcare Lawsuit 

July 30 – WLP Executive Director Carol E. Tracy Addresses Failed Planned Parenthood Sting

July 23 – WLP Managing Attorney Terry L. Fromson Honored as Trailblazer Alongside VP Joe Biden

January 13 – Federal Lawsuit Targets DHS For Illegally Delaying Health Coverage for 85,000 Pennsylvania Women

May 13 – Victory! Philadelphia’s Earned Paid Sick Days in Effect Today

May 11 – WLP Announces the Pennsylvania Campaign for Women’s Health

2014 Press Releases

June 30 – Supreme Court Rules That For-Profit Employers Can Refuse to Cover Birth Control

June 26– Women’s Law Project Denounces Supreme In Abortion Clinic ‘Buffer Zone’ Case

May 13 – Gender Equality Wrestling Case Nominated for the International Gender Justice Uncovered Award

April 2 – Court Enters Consent Decree So Pennsylvania Girls Can Wrestle

January 13 – Motion for Preliminary Injunction Granted to Seventh-Grade Female Student to Join All-Male Wrestling Team

2013 Press Releases

November 6 – ACLU and WLP Take Action on Behalf of Woman Denied Right to Pump Breast Milk at Work

August 20 – Women’s Law Project and ACLU fight for domestic partner benefits for Pittsburgh teacher

June 26 – Women’s Advocates Hail Supreme Court Marriage Rulings

June 17 – Women are Watching: Indignation Over Potential Repeal to Gender Equity Reporting Law

2012 Press Releases

March 14 – Pregnant Prisoner Shackled During Childbirth Settles Civil Rights Suit Against PA Department of Corrections

January 12 – WLP Applauds Attorney General Holder on Changes to UCR Definition of Rape