Telephone Counseling & Referral Service

The Women's Law Project's in-house Telephone Counseling & Referral Service provides callers free information and guidance on many issues, primarily in the area of family law.

Finding Help

Step 1:

  • Click on the links below to learn more about these subjects. You will find information, court forms, and links to other websites.
  • Note: These links are a starting point. WLP is NOT affiliated with these organizations. We have not checked their websites for accuracy.

Step 2:

  • Call our Telephone Counseling Service at 215-928-9801, extension 5760. This service is FREE. An Intake worker may answer, or you may be asked to leave a message. A Telephone Counselor will call you back, Monday through Friday from 9:30am to 4:30pm. You can ask questions and talk to a friendly, caring volunteer. We call people back in the order they call us. Please be patient.
  • Note: Telephone counselors CANNOT provide legal advice or represent callers in court. Counselors CANNOT tell callers what they should do.
  • This is a TELEPHONE service. Regardless of how you contact us, we will only be able to respond by telephone. Be sure to give us your name and phone number. Our office is very small. We cannot help people who come to our door.

Information, Forms, and Links

    • Family Concerns, including
      • Child Custody
      • Child Support
      • Understanding Separation and Divorce
      • Helping an abused child
      • Do You Need Help Because Your Child is in Foster Care?
      • Adoption and Birth Certificates
      • Do You Need a Copy of Your Birth Certificate?
    • Domestic Violence, including
      • Tech Safety: Safe Use of Computers and Cell Phones
      • Planning for Future Safety
      • Finding a Domestic Violence Hotline
      • Getting a Protection Order in Pennsylvania
      • Child Custody: Keeping You and Your Children Safe
      • Housing Discrimination Against Domestic Violence Victims
      • Immigration and Domestic Violence
      • Insurance Discrimination Against Victims of Domestic Violence
      • Are You Being Accused of Harming Your Abuser?
      • Are You Worried that You Might Be Abusive?
    • Sexual Assault
    • Employment problems, including
      • Family and Medical Leave Act
      • Pregnancy Discrimination
      • Sexual Harassment
      • The Rights of Pregnant and Nursing Workers
    • Abortion and Family Planning, including
      • Abortion Care
      • Family Planning
      • Medical Assistance
    • Housing, including:
      • Housing Discrimination
      • Landlord-Tenant Problems
      • Finding Affordable Housing
      • Legal Help
      • Utility Help
    • Education
      • General Resources on Education
      • Discrimination in Athletics in School
      • Sexual Harassment/Assault at School
    • Immigration, including:
      • National, State, and Local Resources
    • Consumer Resources, including:
      • Bankruptcy
      • Credit Counseling
      • Insurance Complaints
      • Identity Theft’
      • Utilities
      • Legal Assistance
    • Public Benefits, including:
      • Social Security
      • Public Assistance in PA

If you are interested in volunteering as a Telephone Counselor, please see Internships and Volunteer Opportunities.