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Established in 1974, the Women’s Law Project is the only public interest legal center in Pennsylvania devoted to protecting and advancing the rights of women and girls.

Abortion and Reproductive Healthcare

Read: A Report on Pennsylvania’s Community Conversations on Women’s Health  Read More >>

A Federal Judge Just Blocked The Trump Administration’s Contraception Coverage Rules   Read More >>

WLP in The Nation: Prosecuting Drug-Addicted Pregnant Women Helps No One   Read More >>

Why is it So Hard to Get Abortion Right in the News? Read More >>


Domestic and Sexual Violence

What is the Economic Cost of Violence Against Women?  Read More >>

The 14 hospitals in Pennsylvania that refuse to provide emergency contraception to rape patients Read More >>

Bringing the “Philadelphia Model” of Improving Police Response to Sexual Assault to Canada Read More >>

Sex & Gender Discrimination

Sexual Harassment at Work: Know Your Rights in Pennsylvania   Read More >>

WLP Presents FAIR:PLAY, a New Website that Exposes Discrimination Against Female Athletes in Pa. Schools   Read More >>

WLP litigation: PA Supreme Court Could Decide Whether Using Drugs During Pregnancy Is Child Abuse Read More >>

WLP Signs onto Brief Submitted to SCOTUS Supporting Transgender Rights  Read More >>

Workplace Equality

On Sexual Harassment in Hollywood, on Campus & in Pennsylvania  Read More >>

We Filed a Brief Supporting Philadelphia’s Prior Wage Equal Pay Ordinance  Read More >>

Warning: PA SB 241 is a Fake Equal Pay Bill Read More >>

Pennsylvania women may need to choose between breastfeeding, job  Read More >>

PA Campaign for Women’s Health

The Campaign for Women’s Health is a collaborative effort of 55 local, state and national organizations calling for evidence-based policies to improve women’s health and economic security in Pennsylvania. Join us. Read More >>

About the Women’s Law Project

The Women’s Law Project is the only public interest law center devoted the rights of women and girls in Pennsylvania.

We’re proud to be a state-based organization with an extensive track record of legal precedents and policy reforms that advance the rights of women and families—particularly those with few resources and little political power.

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